Kit Perriman


The Hill explores the mysterious connection between the two infamous Lancashire Witch Trials of 1612 and 1634.

Jennet Device is the star child-witness in the first prosecutions. She condemns every member of her family, except an older cousin Gracie Holgate. Gracie knows only too well that Jennet’s angelic face masks the darkest soul in Pendle, but she cannot speak up for fear of being indicted herself. Gracie is naïve and level-headed. Jennet is worldly and sly. When they are thrown together in the aftermath of the executions, the uneasy tension between them soon escalates into a vicious clash of wills.

Time passes, and the lives of the two young women become further entwined as they fight for ownership of their grandmother’s property at Malkin Tower. Their battle becomes a deadly war, with harrowing consequences for everyone on The Hill.

When the second witch hunts break out in 1634, Gracie must summon all her powers to end Jennet’s wickedness once and for all. But this feat could cost her everything.

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